Online Marketing Strategies

online marketing strategies

Find the best online marketing strategies for 2014 is quite the feat. There are so many people who say one thing on their ‘SEO’ blog, then turn around and say something else.

Here’s the deal. Online marketing is not dead. SEO is not extinct. In order to develop the most efficient method to market your product or service, you need to take a balanced approach. That’s it.

There is A TON of room for error with online marketing strategies. You don’t have to be perfect. You just have to be prepared to work very hard.

Internet Marketing Strategies that Don’t Work

Buying backlink ‘services’ doesn’t work. A lot of time the marketing agency that you go through will just comment spam a bunch of sites. Now, these may be pretty effective for a bit…but not over the long-haul. As more and more people or agencies add their comments to these high PR sites, your link goes further on down the page…losing its power.

After a while its on a page with no PR.

Getting a bunch of social media buzz doesn’t work. If getting a bunch of tweets and retweets, facebook likes, myspace shares, etc. worked, then every 13 year old would be a very effective internet marketer. Social media marketing strategies are useless if used as your sole campaign.

You might get a momentary slight bump in the SERPS, but are you going to be tweeted forever?

Buying YouTube views doesn’t work. Do you really think that YouTube can’t figure out how you are getting all of these views. Although social media and video marketing works, you have to do it right. You can’t just go buying views from and hope that your video ranks in Google.

Search engine optimization looks at the whole picture.

  Online Marketing Strategy that Works: Do a Marketing Blitz!  

Right now, its fairly easy to rank in Google. It was REALLY easy to rank last year (2013). It’s just a little more tricky right now. Internet marketers that get results with their affiliate marketing campaigns look are looking at the big picture. Each little aspect of internet marketing strategies plays its own role. It’s very much like how a car works.

How a website looks is like the paint and interior. How it runs is based on search engine optimization.

Truly effective online marketing strategies are like high performance cars. They look great and they go fast.

The trick is to do everything in concert so that you get an overall lift in your search results. Once you produce a highly effective marketing plan, you can replicate it. This is what all of the pro’s are doing, including Blitz Inc in Bellevue, Washington. They have a ton of things working with their online marketing strategies to get things cranking in unison. To see more about this, visit Blitz Inc on Just drop it into or and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Also try their weebly page: Blitz Inc Bellevue WA and you’ll see the same thing.

Optimize Your Content

First things first, you need to optimize your on-page content…but not too much. For some reason, Google likes to penalize websites that are over optimized. Go figure…you’d think that people are trying to game the system or something. Don’t game the system. I’ll go into more on-page optimization techniques without setting off any penalties in the eyes of the search engines. If you can’t wait for more information regarding on-page optimization, check out for now.

Get Your Social Media Buzz On

Social media marketing alone is ineffective. However, it justifies the backlinks that you will be gaining in the next few steps. Use a site like and get people to share your content. This will drip-feed your tweets over several days, weeks, or even months. I’ll tell you really how to work that system on our viral marketing page.

Get Some Links

For your online marketing strategy to be effective…like AT ALL…you need to have links from relevant sources. How you go about getting those links is ultimately up to you. If you want some more information on backlinking for SEO purposes, check out SEOnuke or Magic Submitter. There is quite the learning curve with any automated backlinking software, but the learning curve is what weeds out the competition!

See what Rand Fishkin at says about getting links naturally…its all about content!

Be Authoritative

After you’ve got all of these things working in concert, you’ll see a rise in your search rankings. Even the best marketing agencies haven’t figured this one out yet. So, consider yourself lucky.

  Be Sure to Do This at Some Point  : Add your G+ profile to your content. Then get a bunch of people to add you to their circles.

The final step to getting a rise in the SERPS is to add high PR comment backlinks to your online marketing strategy. The higher the PR the better. Yes, the amount of outbound links do matter, but don’t get too wrapped up in this. After all, this is only a small part of our marketing strategies.

For more information on these topics, be sure to visit Online Marketing Strategies 2014.

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